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Seven Magic Meditations For Web Craft By SFX

Much has been written about the *technicalities* of web design, structure, SEO and maintenance.

I've written my share of that by now, too.

Until one day it occurred to me that I have long ceased trying to study nuclear biology to work out how food affects me or in order to cook a meal that satisfies everyone, is much acclaimed, wholesome, delicious and nutritious.

Now, around the altars of old, they were not performing rituals and ceremonies for success on the Internet :-) but I thought it was time to talk about some true magic - having an idea and then have it become *real* with a will and a little help from our invisible friends and the Universe at large.

These seven meditations are designed to align you with success on the World Wide Web. I recommend you do one of those a day, so you have a full week.

Read through the meditation first so you are familiar with it, then do the meditation. Raise and evoke the required energies and if you know how to do EmoTrance so much the better.

So, here is the first of "Seven Top Magic Meditations For Web Craft" - how to get your website, space, profile, page etc. to shine, to sparkle and to resonate to our intention in the good old fashioned way, applied to the newest of human endeavours, for the good of all and harm of none.




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